Effect of an enhanced CaMV 35S promoter and a fruit-specific promoter on uida gene expression in transgenic tomato plants
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Somatic embryogenesis in Citrus SPP.
Optimization of biotin and thiamine requirements for somatic embryogenesis of date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera L.)
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Synchronized somatic embryo development in embryogenic suspensions of Fraxinus Angustifolia
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Micropropagation of Rollinia mucosa (JACQ.) baill
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Sucrose enhances phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity of in vitro solanum tuberosum L. under non-limiting nitrogen conditions
Citrus somatic hybridization with potential for improved blight and CTV resistance
Production of male sterile interspecific somatic hybrids between transgenic N. tabacum (Bar) and N. rotundifolia (NPT II) and their identification by aflp analysis