Messages from the President, Secretary-treasurer and editor-in-chief of the IAPTC&B
Message from the editors-in-chief
Turning point article the wandering of a Botanist
Out of the cold
Recent advances in wheat transformation
Rooting of microcuttings
In vitro regeneration, flower and plant formation from petiolar and nodal explants of culantro ( Eryngium foetidum L.)
Micropropagation of pitaya ( Hylocereus undatus Britton et rose)
Production of adventitious shoots and plantlets from the hypocotyl explants of Sesbania rostrata (Bremek & obrem)
High-frequency callus induction and plant regeneration in Tripsacum dactyloides (L.)
Efficient production of protocorm-like bodies and plant regeneration from flower stalk explants of the sympodial orchid Epidendrum radicans
Plant regeneration from embryogenic cell suspension cultures of Lolium temulentum
A rapid protocol for in vitro micropropagation of Lepidium sativum linn. and enhancement in the yield of lepidine
Improved method of regeneration of black gram ( Vigna mungo L.) through liquid culture
Embryogenic callus induction and plant regeneration media for bentgrasses and annual bluegrass
Control of In vitro contamination of explants from greenhouse- and field-grown trees
Occurrence of chromosomal variations and plant regeneration from long-term-cultured citrus callus
Shoot development in Quercus suber L. somatic embryos
In vitro nitrogen nutrition and hormonal pattern in bromeliads
Transient expression of reporter genes introduced in tissues of two Acacia species using a biolistic method
Evaluation of genetic stability in cryopreserved Prunus
Effect of genotype, growth regulators, carbon source, and pH on shoot induction and plant regeneration in tomoto
Putrescine-enhanced somatic embryos and plant numbers from elite oat ( Avena spp. L.) and reciprocal crosses
In vitro flower induction in roses
Molecular analysis of micropropagated neem plants using aflp markers for ascertaining clonal fidelity
In vitro screening for increased drought tolerance in rice