Some features of somatic embryo maturation of algerian fir

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SummaryMaturation of Abies numidica De Lann. somatic embryos was tested on media with abseisic acid and various maltose and polyethylene glycol-4000 concentrations. The effect of basal medium and subculture period on maturation was also examined. The maturation of somatic embryos was promoted by polyethylene glycol-4000, at 7.5-10%. Three to 6% maltose significantly enhanced the yield of mature embryos. The most effective somatic embryo maturation occurred when embryogenictissue was transferred to maturation medium after 14-21 d cultivation on proliferation medium. The ability for A. numidica cultures to form cotyledonary somatic embryos was assessed over a period of 3 yr. Plantlets germinated on half-strength SH (Schenk and Hildebrandt) medium with charcoal and survived transfer to the soil.

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