Performance of hairy root cultures ofCichorium intybusL. In bioreactors of different configurations

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SummaryA transformed root culture of Cichorium intybus L. cv. Lucknow Local grown in different configurations of bioreactors was examined. The roots grown in an acoustic mist bioreactor showed the best performance in terms of increased specific growth rate (0.072d−1) and esculin content (18.5gl−1), the latter of which was comparable to that of shake flask data. C. intybus hairy root cultures grown in an acoustic mist bioreactor produced nearly twice as much esculin as compared to roots grown in bubble column and nutrient sprinkle bioreactors. Studies relating to on-line estimation of conductivity and osmolarity to predict the growth of hairy root cultures are also discussed. The results demonstrate the efficacy and the advantages of an acoustic mist bioreactor for the cultivation of hairy root cultures, especially with reference to C. intybus hairy roots.

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