SIVB 2002 lifetime achievement award lecture
The importance of the explant on regeneration in thin cell layer technology
Inheritance of transgenes in transgenic tall fescue ( Festuca arundinacea schreb.)
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from immature zygotic embryos of Melia azedarach (Meliaceae)
The development of an efficient cultivar-independent plant regeneration system from callus derived from both apical and non-apical root segments of garlic ( Allium sativum L.)
Plant regeneration from callus cultures of Maclura tinctoria , an endangered woody species
Pepper ( capsicum annuum L.) regenerants obtained by direct somatic embryogenesis fail to develop a shoot
Somatic embryogenesis in clonal neem, Azadirachta indica A. Juss. and analysis for in vitro azadirachtin production
Protease excretion during pineapple micropropagation in temporary immersion bioreactors
Micropropagation of Eucalyptus nitens maiden (Shining gum)
Clonal propagation, encapsulation and reintroduction of Ipsea malabarica (Reichb. f.) J. D. Hook., an endangered orchid
Use of lysozyme for treatment of bacterial contamination in in vitro shoot cultures of fruit plants
Micropropagation of Theobroma cacao L. using somatic embryo-derived plants
Growth and net photosynthetic rates of Hosta ‘blue vision' during acclimatization in bright, natural light with CO2 enrichment
Biochemical characterization of embryogenic and non-embryogenic calluses of sugarcane
Development of salt adaptation in In vitro greater yam ( Dioscorea alata ) plantlets
Tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum cv. pera) hairy root cultures
Regeneration of citrus sinensis (+) clausena lansium intergeneric triploid and tetraploid somatic hybrids and their identification by molecular markers