Message from the IAPTC&B past-president Indra K. Vasil
Alternative statistical analyses for micropropagation
One hundred years of zygotic embryo culture investigations
A new approach for the biolistic method
Plant regeneration by somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis in commercial pineapple ( Ananas comosus L.)
Micropropagation of chinese redbud ( Cercis yunnanensis ) through axillary bud breaking and induction of adventitious shoots from leaf pieces
Factors influencing shoot regeneration from cotyledons of tetraploid Isatis indigotica fort
Influence of phenylacetic acid on clonal propagation of Decalepis hamiltonii wight & ARN
Callus induction and plantlet regeneration in Withania somnifera (L.) dunal
Plant regeneration from protocorm-derived callus of Cypripedium formosanum
In vitro organogenesis of Pelecyphora aselliformis erhenberg (cactaceae)
Somatic embryogenesis from mesocotyl and leaf-base segments of Paspalum scrobiculatum L., a minor millet
Improved shoot organogenesis from hypocotyl segments of lingonberry ( Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.)
Micropropagation of the endangered Kniphofia leucocephala Baijnath
Direct shoot regeneration from lamina explants of two commercial cut flower cultivars of Anthurium andraeanum Hort.
Direct shoot regeneration from leaf segments of mature plants of Echinacea purpurea (L.) moench
In vitro propagation of the rare medicinal plant Ceropegia candelabrum L. through somatic embryogenesis
Patterns of morphogenesis from cotyledon explants of pigeonpea
In vitro culture studies on Stevia rebaudiana
Regeneration and transformation of Egyptian maize inbred lines via immature embryo culture and a biolistic particle delivery system
Photoautotrophic culture conditions and photosynthetic photon flux influence growth of Lilium bulblets in vitro
In vitro fruiting and seed set of Capsicum annuum L. CV. Sweet banana
Production, storability, and regeneration of shoot tips of potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) encapsulated in calcium alginate hollow beads
Devising an in vitro nodulation system for two actinorhizal plants