Sugarcane biotechnology
2004 SIVB Congress Symposium Proceeding
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
OBPC Symposium
Evaluation of a modified encapsulation-dehydration procedure incorporating sucrose pretreatments for the cryopreservation of Ribes germplasm
Use of green fluorescent protein as A non-destructive marker for peanut genetic transformation
The development of onion ( Allium cepa L.) Embryo sacs in vitro and gynogenesis induction in relation to flower size
Efficient plant regeneration through direct somatic embryogenesis from leaf explants of Phalaenopsis ‘Little Steve'
Effects of genotype, explant orientation, and wounding on shoot regeneration in tomato
Cellular behavior in embryogenic and non-embryogenic sugar beet calluses
Long-lasting Capsicum baccatum ‘Organogenic callus' formation
In vitro regeneration of plants from sugarcane seed-derived callus
Identification of highly regenerative plants within sugar beet ( Beta vulgaris L.) breeding lines for molecular breeding
Comparative adventitious shoot induction in kentucky coffeetree root and petiole explants treated with thidiazuron and benzylaminopurine
High subculture frequency, maltose-based and hormone-free medium sustained early development of somatic embryos in maritime pine
Isolation of protoplasts, and culture and regeneration into plants in Alstroemeria
In vitro regeneration and plant establishment of Tylophora indica (Burm. F.) Merrill
Micropropagation of Clitoria ternatea Linn. ( Fabaceae )— An important medicinal plant
Apple tissue culture contamination by Rhodotorula spp.
Stability and activity of rubisco in chestnut plantlets transferred to ex vitro conditions under elevated CO2
An efficient micropropagation system for Eclipta, alba —A valuable medicinal herb
In vitro propagation of eight species or subspecies of Turbinicarpus (Cactaceae)
Control of leaf-tip necrosis of micropropagated ornamental statice by elimination of endophytic bacteria
Photosynthesis and carbon metabolism in plantain ( Musa AAB) plantlets growing in temporary immersion bioreactors and during ex vitro acclimatization
Evaluation of silicone tubing toxicity using tobacco BY2 culture
2005 In Vitro Biology Meeting 2005 Meeting of the Society for In vitro Biology June 5-7, Baltimore, MD