Forest biotechnology
Public opinion toward the first, second, and third generations of plant biotechnology
Stable genetic transformation of embryogenic cultures of Abies nordmanniana (nordmann fir) and regeneration of transgenic plants
A transgene for high methionine protein is posttranscriptionally regulated by methionine
Effects of brassinosteroids on microspore embryogenesis in Brassica species
Plant regeneration, origin, and development of shoot buds from root segments of Melia azedarach L. ( Meliaceae ) seedlings
Low temperature storage of suspension culture-derived grapevine somatic embryos and regeneration of plants
Simple one-medium formulation regeneration of fingerroot [ Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) mansf. Kulturpfl.] via somatic embryogenesis
Enhancement of embryogenesis and plant regeneration from barley anther culture by low doses of gamma irradiation
Cytokinins induce direc somatic embryogenesis of Dendrobium chiengmai pink and subsequent plant regeneration
Axillary bud proliferation and organogenesis of Euphorbia pulchurrima winter rose
Morphological events in cultures of mechanically isolated maize mcirospores
Callus formation and plant regeneration in various Lilium species and cultivars
Ontogeny of somatic embryos in cucumber ( cucumis sativus L.)
Plant regeneration from mesophyll-and cell suspension-derived protoplasts of Dianthus acicularis and characterization of regenerated plants
Effect of phenylalanine and phenylpropanoids on the accumulation of capsaicinoids and lignin in cell cultures of chili pepper ( capsicum annuum L.)
Production of pilocarpine in callus of jaborandi ( pilocarpus microphyllus stapf)
In vitro propagation of Eucalyptus phylacis L. Johnson and K. Hill., A critically endangered relict from Western Australia
The effects of storage condition on starch metabolism and regeneration potentials of twin-scales and inflorescence stem explants of Narcissus tazetta
Optimizing environmental factors for large-scale multiplication of chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum grandiflorum ) in balloon-type bioreactor culture
Shoot regeneration from leaf explants of five strawberry ( Fragaria × Ananassa ) cultivars in temporary immersion bioreactor system
Temperature determines the occurrence of CAM or C3 photosynthesis in pineapple plantlets grown in vitro
Evaluation of the effect of three growth regulators in the germination of comparettia falcata seeds under in vitro conditions
In vitro root induction in weedy amaranthus species to obtain mitotic chromosomes