Barley hordothionin accumulates in transgenic oat seeds and purified protein retains anti-fungal properties in vitro
Organogenesis and embryogenesis in several Hypericum perforatum genotypes
Albino inflorescence proliferation of Dendrocalamus latiflorus
Plant regeneration of Agave tequilana by indirect organogenesis
High-frequency adventitious shoot bud induction and shoot elongation of Chile pepper ( Capsicúm annuum L.)
Plant regeneration from leaf explants of Rhodiola fastigiata
Adventitious bud development and regeneration in Tillandsia eizii
Adventitious shoot regeneration of scotch spearmint ( menthaxgracilis Sole)
Use of hi ii-elite inbred hybrids in Agrobacterium -based transformation of maize
Production of additional allotetraploid somatic hybrids combining mandarings and sweet orange with pre-selected pummelos as potential candidates to replace sour orange rootstock