Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Message from the IAPB President
In vitro flowering of Perilla frutescens
Factors affecting plantlet regeneration from in vitro cultured immature embryos and cotyledons of Prunus mume “Xue mei”
Plant regeneration of common ash ( Fraxinus excelsior L.) by somatic embryogenesis
Effects of hygromycin on cotton cultures and its application in Agrobacterium -mediated cotton transformation
In vitro rooting of microshoots of Cotinus coggygria Mill, a woody ornamental plant
Somatic embryogenesis from peach palm zygotic embryos
In vitro culture of Drynaria fortunei , a fern species source of Chinese medicine “Gu-Sui-Bu”
Rapid clonal propagation of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn., an endangered medicinal plant
Rapid plant regeneration through in vitro axillary shoot proliferation of butterfly pea ( Clitoria ternatea L.)—a twinning legume
Micropropagation of Penthorum chinense through axillary bud
Direct somatic embryogenesis from cotyledon and cotyledonary node explants in bishop's weed Trachyspermum ammi (L.) sprague
High frequency somatic embryogenesis and regeneration in different genotypes of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench from immature inflorescence explants