In memoriam
Technological advances in temperate hardwood tree improvement including breeding and molecular marker applications
Conventional and biotechnological approaches for control of parasitic weeds
Medicinal biotechnology in the genus scutellaria
Co-transformation of gene expression cassettes via particle bombardment to generate safe transgenic plant without any unwanted DNA
Regeneration of plant by somatic embryogenesis in Pinus rigida × P. taeda
Regeneration of Prunus salicina Lindl (Japanese plum) from hypocotyls of mature seeds
Optimization of methods for using polyethylene glycol as a non-permeating osmoticum for the induction of microspore embryogenesis in the Brassicaceae
Differential performance of marubakaido apple rootstock shoots grown in culture media containing different agar brands
In vitro - ex vitro salt (NaCl) tolerance of cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) plants
Regulating plant tissue growth by mineral nutrition