Development and characterization of a chimaeric tissue-specific promoter in wheat and rice endosperm
Regeneration of zoysia grass ( Zoysia matrella L. Merr.) cv. Konhee from young inflorescences and stem nodes
Plant regeneration in Arachis stenosperma Krapov. and W. C. Gregory from roots and calluses derived from leaflets of in vitro plants
Efficient plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis from the explants of Catharanthus roseus
Micropropagation of Alocasia amazonica using semisolid and liquid cultures
Optimization of Renealmia mexicana (Klotzsch ex. Petersen) cultivation in vitro
Growth, morphogenesis, and essential oil production in Mentha spicata L. plantlets in vitro
Effects of ionizing radiation on the growth and allyl isothiocyanate accumulation of Wasabia japonica in vitro and ex vitro
Arginine and ornithine decarboxylases in embryogenic and non-embryogenic carrot cell suspensions
Thidiazuron-induced hypertrophic growth from foliar disks of Kalanchoe pinnata leads to visualization of a bioactive auxin gradient across the leaf plane