Single Chip Dual–Issue RISC Processor for Real–Time MPEG–2 Software Decoding

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A single chip system for real–time MPEG–2 decoding can be created by integrating a general purpose dual–issue RISC processor, with a small dedicated hardware for the variable length decoding (VLD) and block loading processes; a 32KB instruction RAM; and a 32KB data RAM. The VLD hardware performs Huffman decoding on the input data. The block loader performs the half–sample prediction for motion compensation and acts as a direct memory access (DMA) controller for the RISC processor by transferring data between an external 2MB DRAM and the internall 32 KB data RAM. The dual–issue RISC processor, running at 250MHz, is enhanced with a set of key sub–word and multimedia instructions for a sustained peak performance of 1000 MOPS. With this setup for MPEG–2 decoding applications, bi-directionally predicted non–intra video blocks are decoded in less than 800 cycles, leading to a single-chip, real–time MPEG–2 decoding system.

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