Introduction to the Special Issue
MOST-Based Design and Scaling of Synaptic Interconnections in VLSI Analog Array Processing CNN Chips
Realization of a Reaction-Diffusion CNN Algorithm for Locomotion Control in an Hexapode Robot
A QCIF Resolution Binary I/O CNN-UM Chip
An Emulated Digital CNN Implementation
A Programmable Imager for Very High Speed Cellular Signal Processing
Focal Plane Implementation of 2D Steerable and Scalable Gabor-Type Filters
A Custom Image Convolution DSP with a Sustained Calculation Capacity of >1 GMAC/s and Low I/O Bandwidth
On the Design of Second Order Dynamics Reaction-Diffusion CNNs
Computing with Front Propagation
An Active Contour Algorithm for Continuous-Time Cellular Neural Networks
Analytic and VLSI Specific Design of Robust CNN Templates
On Stability of Cellular Neural Networks
A Nonlinear Wave Metric and its CNN Implementation for Object Classification
CNN Algorithms for Video Authentication and Copyright Protection
CNN-Applications in Toll Driving
Object Oriented Motion-Segmentation for Video-Compression in the CNN-UM
Face and Eye Detection by CNN Algorithms