Guest Editorial
Tradeoffs of Source Coding, Channel Coding and Spreading in Frequency Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels
VLSI Implementation of the Multistage Detector for Next Generation Wideband CDMA Receivers
Modulation and Coding for Noncoherent Communications*
Multiple Antenna Enhancements for a High Rate CDMA Packet Data System
Deterministic Time-Varying Packet Fair Queueing for Integrated Services Networks*
Monte Carlo Bayesian Signal Processing for Wireless Communications*
Bounds on SIMO and MIMO Channel Estimation and Equalization with Side Information*
On Blind Timing Acquisition and Channel Estimation for Wideband Multiuser DS-CDMA Systems*
Downlink Specific Linear Equalization for Frequency Selective CDMA Cellular Systems*
Multipath Delay Estimation for Frequency Hopping Systems*
Greedy Detection
A New Class of Efficient Block-Iterative Interference Cancellation Techniques for Digital Communication Receivers*
Multiuser Detection for Out-of-Cell Cochannel Interference Mitigation in the IS–95 Downlink*
Multistage Nonlinear Blind Interference Cancellation for DS-CDMA Systems*
Adaptive Interference Suppression for the Downlink of a Direct Sequence CDMA System with Long Spreading Sequences*
Constrained Adaptive Linear Multiuser Detection Schemes*