Guest Editors' Introduction
Time Series Segmentation Using a Novel Adaptive Eigendecomposition Algorithm
A Modified Minimum Classification Error (MCE) Training Algorithm for Dimensionality Reduction
Fully Complex Multi-Layer Perceptron Network for Nonlinear Signal Processing
A Neural Network Approach for Signal Detection in Digital Communications
Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Coupled Hidden Markov Models
Agglomerative Learning Algorithms for General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network
Adaptive Score Functions for Maximum Likelihood ICA
Second Order Nonstationary Source Separation
A Clustering Method Using Hierarchical Self-Organizing Maps
Monitoring the Formation of Kernel-Based Topographic Maps with Application to Hierarchical Clustering of Music Signals
Echocardiographic Image Sequence Segmentation and Analysis Using Self-Organizing Maps
Hierarchical Feature Extraction for Image Recognition
Image Processing Using Cellular Neural Networks Based on Multi-Valued and Universal Binary Neurons
Stable Fuzzy State Space Controller for Lateral Control of an AGV