Guest Editorial for Special Issue on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Principle of Learning Metrics for Exploratory Data Analysis
Extended Tied-Mixture HMMs for Both Labeled and Unlabeled Time Series Data
A Maximum Entropy Approach for Collaborative Filtering
Optimal Smoothing of Kernel-Based Topographic Maps with Application to Density-Based Clustering of Shapes
Advantages of Unbiased Support Vector Classifiers for Data Mining Applications
Non-Rigid Image Registration by Neural Computation
Gradient Adaptive Paraunitary Filter Banks for Spatio-Temporal Subspace Analysis and Multichannel Blind Deconvolution*
Bayesian Unsupervised Learning for Source Separation with Mixture of Gaussians Prior
Independent Component Analysis Applied to fMRI Data
Independent Component Analysis by Using Joint Cumulants and its Application to Remote Sensing Images
Lower and Upper Bounds for Misclassification Probability Based on Renyi's Information
Multiple Composite Hypothesis Testing
Fast RLS-Like Algorithm for Generalized Eigendecomposition and its Applications