A Scalable System Architecture for High-Throughput Turbo-Decoders

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The need for higher data rates is ever rising as wireless communications standards move from the third to the fourth generation. Turbo-Codes are the prevalent channel codes for wireless systems due to their excellent forward error correction capability. So far research has mainly focused on components of high throughput Turbo-Decoders. In this paper we explore the Turbo-Decoder design space anew, both under system design and deep-submicron implementation aspects.Our approach incorporates all levels of design, from I/O behavior down to floorplaning taking deep-submicron effects into account. Its scalability allows to derive optimized architectures tailored to the given throughput and target technology. We present results for 3GPP compliant Turbo-Decoders beyond 100 Mbit/s synthesized on a 0.18 μm standard cell library.

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