Omni-Directional Stereoscopic Images from One Omni-Directional Camera

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Omni-directional stereoscopic images consist of two of omni-directional panoramic images, where each image is for the left eye and the right eye. The panoramic stereoscopic image provides a stereo sensation in a full 360° view. These omni-directional stereoscopic images cannot be produced by two omni-directional cameras from two viewpoints, but they can be constructed by mosaicking together the omni-directional images from four different positions around the user's position. This paper addresses a new technique for producing high-resolution, omni-directional stereoscopic images from one omni-directional sensor that is attached to a high-resolution digital still camera. This technique requires fewer photos and less time for the mosaic processes than previous approaches. A new display system is implemented on CAVE to interact with the stereoscopic images.

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