Guest Editorial for Special Issue on the 2005 IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Increasing the Robustness of Boosting Algorithms within the Linear-programming Framework
An Extension of Iterative Scaling for Decision and Data Aggregation in Ensemble Classification
Maximally Informative Feature and Sensor Selection in Pattern Recognition Using Local and Global Independent Component Analysis
Training Classifiers for Tree-structured Categories with Partially Labeled Data
Acoustic Modelling Using Continuous Rational Kernels
Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Orthogonality Constraints and its Application to Raman Spectroscopy
Sequential Data Fusion via Vector Spaces
Decentralized State Initialization with Delay Compensation for Multi-modal Sensor Networks
Hypotheses Control-based Strategies for the Development of Near-optimum Bayesian Detectors for CDMA Systems
Simple, Robust, and Memory-Efficient FastICA Algorithms Using the Huber M-Estimator Cost Function
Overcomplete Independent Component Analysis via Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance Spatial Filtering
Automatic Artefact Removal from Event-related Potentials via Clustering