Special Issue on ASAP 2004 Conference
A Decimal Floating-Point Divider Using Newton—Raphson Iteration
Complex Square Root with Operand Prescaling
Algebraic Methods for Optimizing Constant Multiplications in Linear Systems
Stride Permutation Networks for Array Processors
Master Interface for On-chip Hardware Accelerator Burst Communications
Reliability-aware Co-synthesis for Embedded Systems
Biosequence Similarity Search on the Mercury System
Buffer and Register Allocation for Memory Space Optimization
Hardware Implementation of Block-based Motion Estimation for Real Time Applications
A Tool for Unbiased Comparison between Logarithmic and Floating-point Arithmetic
The Negative Two's Complement Number System
High-throughput VLSI Implementations of Iterative Decoders and Related Code Construction Problems
Programmable CMOS CNN Cell Based on Floating-gate Inverter Unit