The Death Knell of the Utilitarianism: A Review and Theoretical Implications of To Profit or Not to ProfitBurton A. Weisbrod (ed.), To Profit or Not to Profit: The Commercial Transformation of the Nonprofit Sector, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998.

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This paper uses the edited volume To Profit or Not to Profit; The Commercial Transformation of the Nonprofit Sector as an opportunity to review the theories of the nonprofit sector based on the utility maximization behavioral model linked to neoclassical economics. The existence of a large nonprofit sector and its increasing commercialism undermines the logical sufficiency of these theories to explain organizational behavior. The book in question is an effort to solve that problem and reconcile the utility maximization model with seemingly contradicting evidence. In the end, however, these efforts are not very successful and lead to the partial acceptance of an alternative model, grounded in the neo-institutional theory of organizations.

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