ES01.02 Preface
ES01.01 Genes
ES01.02 Genetics tools
ES01.03 Whatomics
ES02.01 Transcriptional regulation of haematopoiesis
ES02.02 Stem-cell harvesting and manipulation
ES02.03 Principles of immunotherapy
ES03.01 The body as fortress
ES03.02 Adaptive immunity and transfusion
ES03.03 Immunity and transplantation
ES04.01 Physiology of haemostasis
ES04.02 Assessment of haemostasis
ES04.03 Correcting haemostasis
ES05.01 The complexities of the Rh system
ES05.02 Molecular blood grouping
ES05.03 Problem-solving in antibody identification
ES06.01 The physiology of oxygen delivery
ES06.02 The body's response to blood loss
ES06.03 Fluid balance
ES07.01 Platelet antigens and antibody detection
ES07.02 The human leucocyte antigen (HLA) system
ES07.03 Granulocyte antigens and antibody detection
ES08.01 Viruses
ES08.02 Bacterial contamination of cellular blood components
ES08.03 Prion diseases