Molecular defects in coagulation Factor VIII and their impact on Factor VIII function
Knowledge about blood donation among a sample of Thai university students
The development of a national standardized approach for the enumeration of residual leucocytes in blood components
Value of central analysis of leucocyte depletion quality control data within the National Blood Service, England
Prestorage leucocyte reduction of red cell components prevents release of bactericidal permeability increasing protein and defensins
Cytokine levels as performance indicators for white blood cell reduction of platelet concentrates
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Pharmaco-economics of blood transfusion safety
Molecular background of Rh D-positive, D-negative, Del and weak D phenotypes in Chinese
Immunological characterization of anti-Mia, a red blood cell alloantibody, in Taiwan
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Detection of parvovirus B19 DNA in solvent[ndash]detergent plasma
Response times of donors sent letters requesting them to contact the Welsh blood service
Improved polymerase chain reaction-based glycophorin-A M/N blood group allelotyping
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