Dr Winifred Watkins
Hepatitis B NAT virus-positive blood donors in the early and late stages of HBV infection
Hepatitis B virus genotypes and precore mutations in Scottish blood donors
Six years' experience of using the BacT/ALERT system to screen all platelet concentrates, and additional testing of outdated platelet concentrates to estimate the frequency of false-negative results
The efficacy of a malarial antibody enzyme immunoassay for establishing the reinstatement status of blood donors potentially exposed to malaria
Strict red blood cell transfusion guideline reduces the need for transfusions in very-low-birthweight infants in the first 4 weeks of life
First year donation patterns predict long-term commitment for first-time donors
Survival of baboon biotin-X-N-hydroxysuccinimide and 111In-oxine-labelled autologous fresh and lyophilized reconstituted platelets
Anti-D alloimmunization by weak D type 1 red blood cells with a very low antigen density
Report of the First International Workshop on molecular blood group genotyping
An international collaborative study to replace the 1st international standard for prekallikrein activator