Claes F. Högman (1926–2006)
The ethics of blood management
Blood conservation strategies in cardiac surgery
Molecular epidemiologic study of a human immunodeficiency virus 1 outbreak in haemophiliacs B infected through clotting factor 9 after 1990
Variability of parvovirus B19 to inactivation by liquid heating in plasma products
Stability of lymphocytes and Epstein–Barr virus during red blood cell storage
Washing of stored red blood cells by an autotransfusion device before transfusion
Which patients are more likely to benefit from postoperative shed blood salvage after unilateral total knee replacement? An analysis of 581 consecutive procedures
FY*X real-time polymerase chain reaction with melting curve analysis associated with a complete one-step real-time FY genotyping
Single nucleotide polymorphism profiling assay to exclude serum sample mix-up
Rationalizing blood transfusion in cardiac surgery
In vivo recovery and survival of red cells after photodynamic treatment with thiopyrylium and red light using a canine model
Logistics of platelet concentrateses
Removal of exogenous (spiked) and endogenous prion infectivity from red cells with a new prototype of leucoreduction filter
Red blood cell alloantibodies after transfusion
In vivo recovery and survival of apheresis and whole blood-derived platelets
Clinical effects of reverting from leucoreduced to non-leucoreduced blood in cardiac surgery
Summary of the AABB Interorganizational Task Force on Bacterial Contamination of Platelets
Evolution of surveillance methods for detection of bacterial contamination of platelets in a university hospital, 1991 through 2004
Platelets photochemically treated with amotosalen HCI and ultraviolet A light correct prolonged bleeding times in patients with thrombocytopenia
Current usage of intravenous immune globulin and the rationale behind it
Cytokine accumulation in photochemically treated and γ-irradiated platelet concentrates during storage
Elimination and multiplication of bacteria during preparation and storage of buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates
Diary of events