Use of mouse models to study the mechanisms and consequences of RBC clearance
De novo protein synthesis in mature platelets
Transfused stored platelets have the same haemostatic function as circulating native platelets
Comparison between in vitro qualities of platelets washed with commercially available additive solutions and those washed with M-sol
Allergic transfusion reactions from blood components donated by IgA-deficient donors with and without anti-IgA
Psychological and behavioural impacts of the 2008 China earthquake on blood donors
KEL*02 alleles with alterations in and around exon 8 in individuals with apparent KEL:1,−2 phenotypes
A silenced allele in the Colton blood group system
When and why is blood crossmatched?
Transportation of cellular therapy products
Phase I/II safety study of transfusion of prion-filtered red cell concentrates in transfusion-dependent patients
Monitoring and treatment of anti-D in pregnancy
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Trypanosoma rangeli in a blood donor at the Valencian Blood Transfusion Centre
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