Epidemiology of high-level parvovirus B19 viraemia among Dutch blood donors, 2003–2009
Detection of HHV-8 (human herpesvirus-8) genomes in induced peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from US blood donors
Transitory interruption of recommended storage conditions does not cause significant changes in in vitro parameters of leucocyte-depleted red blood cells
Influence of late irradiation on the in vitro RBC storage variables of leucoreduced RBCs in SAGM additive solution
Biochemical, molecular and preclinical characterization of a double-virus-reduced human butyrylcholinesterase preparation designed for clinical use
‘Wrong blood in tube’: solutions for a persistent problem
A pilot Iron Substitution Programme in female blood donors with iron deficiency without anaemia
Exchange transfusions and top-up transfusions in neonates with Kell haemolytic disease compared to Rh D haemolytic disease
Distribution of Diego blood group alleles and identification of four novel mutations on exon 19 of SLC4A1 gene in the Chinese Han population by polymerase chain reaction sequence–based typing
A new SEMA7A variant found in Native Americans with alloantibody
Prevalence of leucocyte antibodies in the Dutch donor population
PEGylation prevents bacteria-induced platelet activation and biofilm formation in platelet concentrates
Is there evidence of recent hepatitis E virus infection in English and North Welsh blood donors?
The frequency of the new platelet antigen Cab in the Brazilian population
Preparation of granulocyte concentrates by apheresis: situation in the Netherlands
International blood import/export: recommendations for blood services and software developers
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