Methods for testing platelet function for transfusion medicine
Core and surface temperatures in a red-blood-cell unit during storage and transport
Effect of rate and delay of cooling during initial cooling process: in vitro effect on red cells
Influence of irradiation on in vitro red-blood-cell (RBC) storage variables of leucoreduced RBCs in additive solution PAGGS-M
Characteristics of prion-filtered red cells suspended in pathogen-inactivated plasma (MB treated or solvent-detergent treated) for neonatal exchange transfusion
In vitro effects on platelets irradiated with short-wave ultraviolet light without any additional photoactive reagent using the THERAFLEX UV-Platelets method
The effect of FFP:RBC ratio on morbidity and mortality in trauma patients based on transfusion prediction score
An association of ABO non-identical platelet and cryoprecipitate transfusions with altered red cell transfusion needs in surgical patients
Red cells from the original JAL+ proband are also DAK+ and STEM+
The influence of extracellular matrix proteins and mesenchymal stem cells on erythropoietic cell maturation
International Society of Blood Transfusion Working Party on red cell immunogenetics and blood group terminology: Berlin report
An international collaborative study to establish the WHO 1st international standard for alpha-1-antitrypsin
Retraction: Boldt J, Mengistu A, Seyfert UT, Vogt A, Hellstern P: The impact of a medium molecular weight, low molar substitution hydroxyethyl starch dissolved in a physiologically balanced electrolyte solution on blood coagulation and platelet function in vitro. Vox Sang 2007; 93: 139–144
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