Fibrinogen concentrates for bleeding trauma patients: what is the evidence?
Extension of platelet shelf life from 4 to 5 days by implementation of a new screening strategy in Germany
Effect of X-irradiation on the quality of red cell concentrates
The effect of pathogen reduction technology (Mirasol) on platelet quality when treated in additive solution with low plasma carryover
A chromatographically purified human TGF-β1 fraction from virally inactivated platelet lysates
Mortality after transfusions, relation to donor sex
Transfusion practices in massive haemorrhage in pre-intensive and intensive care
Mobilized allogeneic peripheral stem/progenitor cell apheresis with Spectra Optia v.5·0, a novel, automatic interface-controlled apheresis system: results from the first feasibility trial
Time-based analysis of the apheresis platelet supply chain in England
Eurobloodpack: a common European design for blood bag systems with integral leucodepletion filters
Quality controls of cryopreserved haematopoietic progenitor cells (peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow)
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