Impact of solvent/detergent treatment of plasma on transfusion-relevant bacteria
Significant background rates of HBV and HCV infections in patients and risks of blood transfusion from donors with low anti-HBc titres or high anti-HBc titres with high anti-HBs titres in Japan: a prospective, individual NAT study of transfusion-transmitted HBV, HCV and HIV infections
Removal of prion infectivity by affinity ligand chromatography during OctaplasLG® manufacturing – results from animal bioassay studies
Meta-analysis of the studies of bleeding complications of platelets pathogen-reduced with the Intercept system
Benefit of transfusion-related acute lung injury risk-minimization measures – German haemovigilance data (2006–2010)
Predicting massive blood transfusion using clinical scores post-trauma
Patterns of blood product use among patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
First-time donors responding to a national disaster may be an untapped resource for the blood centre
The pro-inflammatory effects of platelet contamination in plasma and mitigation strategies for avoidance
Evaluation of the hemostatic potential including thrombin generation of three different therapeutic pathogen-reduced plasmas
Blood donors on teratogenic drugs and donor deferral periods in a clinical situation
How new is new: the late sampling strategy with rapid bacterial screening of platelet concentrates?
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