Risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus infection among Brazilian blood donors: a multicentre case–control study using audio computer-assisted structured interviews
Bacterial growth in red blood cell units exposed to uncontrolled temperatures: challenging the 30-minute rule
Prospective multicentre study of the effect of voluntary plasmapheresis on plasma cholesterol levels in donors
Noninvasive methods for haemoglobin screening in prospective blood donors
Worldwide policies on haemochromatosis and blood donation: a survey among blood services
Growth factor release from platelet concentrates: analytic quantification and characterization for clinical applications
Solvent detergent vs. fresh frozen plasma in cirrhotic patients undergoing liver transplant surgery: a prospective randomized control study
Measuring clinical bleeding using a standardized daily report form and a computer algorithm for adjudication of WHO bleeding grades
Stored blood transfusion induces transient pulmonary arterial hypertension without impairing coagulation in an ovine model of nontraumatic haemorrhage
Piloting the use of 2D barcode and patient safety-software in an Australian tertiary hospital setting
Sensitivity of assays for the detection of HPA-1a antibodies: results of an international workshop demonstrating the impact of cation chelation from integrin αIIbβ3 on three widely used assays
Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a comparison between the accreditation process performed by competent authorities and JACIE in Italy
Haemoglobin glycation (Hb1Ac) increases during red blood cell storage: a MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry-based investigation
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