Commercially available blood storage containers
Compliance with the current 12-month deferral for male-to-male sex in Australia
Bacterial culture of apheresis platelets: a mathematical model of the residual rate of contamination based on unconfirmed positive results
Occult hepatitis B infections among blood donors in Lao PDR
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Impact of constant storage temperatures and multiple warming cycles on the quality of stored red blood cells
Evaluation of a New German blood donor questionnaire
Effect of transient warming of red blood cells for up to 24 h: in vitro characteristics in CPD/saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol environment
Secondary prophylaxis vs. on-demand treatment to improve quality of life in severe adult haemophilia A patients: a prospective study in a single centre
Recombinant activated factor VII in patients with acute liver failure with UNOS Status 1A: a single tertiary academic centre experience
Utility and cost of low-vacuum reinfusion drains in patients undergoing surgery for subcapital hip fracture repair. A before and after cohort study
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