Safety of platelet transfusion: past, present and future
Rapid detection of contaminant bacteria in platelet concentrate using differential impedance
Detection of malarial DNA in blood donors – evidence of persistent infection
Donors' psychological reactions to deferral following false-positive screening test results
Separation of centrifuged whole blood and pooled buffy coats using the new CompoMat G5: 3 years experience
Should all patients be optimized to the same preoperative hemoglobin level to avoid transfusion in primary knee arthroplasty?
Addressing sample identification errors in a multispecialty tertiary care hospital in Bangalore
Transfusion-associated anaphylaxis during anaesthesia and surgery – a retrospective study
Establishment of reference panel for human platelet antigen genotyping
Presence of nucleotide substitutions in transcriptional regulatory elements such as the erythroid cell-specific enhancer-like element and the ABO promoter in individuals with phenotypes A3 and B3, respectively
Quality of functional haematopoietic stem/progenitor cells from cryopreserved human umbilical cord blood
Adhesion of anaerobic bacteria to platelet containers
Evaluation of a universal point-of-issue assay for bacterial detection in buffy coat platelet components
The influence of four different anticoagulants on dynamic light scattering of platelets
Granulocyte-reactive antibodies are associated with red blood cell alloimmunization
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