International rare donor panels: a review
ABO-immune complex formation and impact on platelet function, red cell structural integrity and haemostasis: an in vitro model of ABO non-identical transfusion
An investigation of red blood cell concentrate quality during storage in paediatric-sized polyvinylchloride bags plasticized with alternatives to di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
Genetic variations of CD36 and low platelet CD36 expression – a risk factor for lipemic plasma donation in Taiwanese apheresis donors
Functional characteristics and clinical effectiveness of platelet concentrates treated with riboflavin and ultraviolet light in plasma and in platelet additive solution
Four-factor prothrombin complex concentrates in paediatric patients – a retrospective case series
Perceived blood transfusion safety: a cross-European comparison
Haemovigilance of reactions associated with red blood cell transfusion: comparison across 17 Countries
The relative efficacy of telephone and email reminders to elicit blood donation
No evidence of asymptomatic variant CJD infection in immunodeficiency patients treated with UK-sourced immunoglobulin
Presence of nucleotide substitutions in the ABO promoter in individuals with phenotypes A3 and B3
Transfusion service management of sickle-cell disease patients
Complexity in interpreting partial viral sequence data as supportive evidence for possible transfusion transmitted Parvovirus B19 infection
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