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A significantly lower potency observed for the 3rd WHO International Standard for Parvovirus B19V DNA with the cobas TaqScreen DPX test
Evaluation of soluble glycoprotein V as an in vitro quality marker for platelet concentrates
Effect of increased agitation speed on pathogen inactivation efficacy and in vitro quality in UVC‐treated platelet concentrates
Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re‐donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years
Low‐grade inflammation is associated with lower haemoglobin levels in healthy individuals
Influence of surgical bleeding on the relationship between admission coagulopathy and risk of massive transfusion
A WHO reference reagent to standardize haemagglutination testing for anti‐A and anti‐B in serum and plasma
Prediction of the anti‐RhD donor population size for managerial decision‐making
Mobilization of autologous and allogeneic peripheral blood stem cells for transplantation in haematological malignancies using biosimilar G‐CSF
Relevance of flow cytometric enumeration of post‐thaw leucocytes
Clinical‐grade quality platelet‐rich plasma releasate (PRP‐R/SRGF) from CaCl2‐activated platelet concentrates promoted expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells
Prevalence of blood donor iron deficiency and feasibility ferritin‐based iron replacement
Fluid motion and shear forces in platelet storage bags with different modes of agitation
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