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Ten‐year follow‐up of two cohorts with an increased risk of variant CJD
Bacterial survival and distribution during buffy coat platelet production
Effect of warming and flow rate conditions of blood warmers on red blood cell integrity
Implications of a switch to a 100% apheresis platelet supply for patients and for blood donors
Perspectives on the impact of storage duration on blood quality and transfusion outcomes
Reduction of biological response modifiers in the supernatant of washed paediatric red blood cells
Effect of platelet storage time on platelet measurements
Post‐authorization safety study of Clottafact®, a triply secured fibrinogen concentrate in congenital afibrinogenemia. A prospective observational study
Patient Blood Management in Europe
Blood transfusion in preterm infants improves intestinal tissue oxygenation without alteration in blood flow
The International Haemovigilance Network Database for the Surveillance of Adverse Reactions and Events in Donors and Recipients of Blood Components
The experience of extended blood group genotyping by next‐generation sequencing (NGS)
An effective diagnostic strategy for accurate detection of RhD variants including Asian DEL type in apparently RhD‐negative blood donors in Korea
Persistent aggregates in apheresis platelet concentrates are commonly collected from donors with a history of aggregate donation
Growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11) – a promising anti‐ageing factor – is highly concentrated in platelets
Washing of platelets can be fully automated using a closed‐system cell processor and BRS‐A platelet additive solution
Protein stability changes of the novel p.Arg180Cys mutant A glycosyltransferase resulted in a weak A phenotype
Modelling gas exchange during platelet storage without agitation
International Forum regarding practices related to donor haemoglobin and iron
Convalescent Ebola plasma
Diary of Events