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Transfusion medicine education for non‐transfusion medicine physicians
Critical re‐appraisal of blood component quality after overnight hold of whole blood outside current room temperature limits
Clinical utility of the basophil activation test for analysis of allergic transfusion reactions
Single‐dose intravenous iron infusion versus red blood cell transfusion for the treatment of severe postpartum anaemia
Immature platelets do not reliably predict platelet recovery in patients with intensive chemotherapy or stem cell transplantation
Factors influencing plasma transfusion practices in paediatric intensive care units around the world
Educational interventions encouraging appropriate use of blood transfusions
Association of HLA‐DRB1 and HLA‐DQB1 with red‐blood‐cell alloimmunization in the Czech population
Change of the metabolomic profile during short‐term mononuclear cell storage
Characterization of buffy coat‐derived granulocytes for clinical use
Alternatives in blood operations when choosing non‐DEHP bags
Limitations of a scoring model to predict thrombotic thrombocytopaenic purpura
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