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Autologous blood salvage in the era of patient blood management
Oral antiplatelet therapy : impact for transfusion medicine
An assessment of differences in costs and health benefits of serology and NAT screening of donations for blood transfusion in different Western countries
Development of a web‐based application and multicountry analysis framework for assessing interdicted infections and cost‐utility of screening donated blood for HIV, HCV and HBV
Platelet transfusion to reverse antiplatelet therapy before decompressive surgery in patients with intracranial haemorrhage
Anti‐HCV immunoblot indeterminate results in blood donors : non‐specific reactivity or past exposure to HCV?
Comparison of haemostatic function of PAS‐C–platelets vs. plasma–platelets in reconstituted whole blood using impedance aggregometry and thromboelastography
Prehospital parameters can help to predict coagulopathy and massive transfusion in trauma patients
Assessing the impact of perioperative blood transfusions on the survival of adults undergoing cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for appendiceal carcinomatosis
Thromboelastography may predict risk of grade 2 bleeding in thrombocytopenic patients
Evolution of MNC and lymphocyte collection settings employing different Spectra Optia® Leukapheresis systems
Prothrombin complex concentrate for emergent reversal of warfarin : an international survey of hospital protocols
The impact of vaccination on RBC alloimmunization in a murine model
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