Platelet content and growth factor release in platelet-rich plasma: a comparison of four different systems

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Different systems for preparation of platelet-rich plasma are commercially available, but data for comparison of these systems have not been published so far.

Materials and Methods

We investigated the performance of Vivostat PRF Preparation Kit®, PCCS Platelet Concentrate Collection System®, Harvest® SmartPReP 2 APC 60 Process, and Fibrinet® Autologous Fibrin & Platelet System.

Materials and Methods

The preparations provided by these systems are platelet concentrates with high numbers of platelets in a small volume of plasma and PDGF-AB is released continuously during the 5 days after preparation.


Vivostat PRF Preparation Kit, PCCS Platelet Concentrate Collection System, Harvest SmartPReP 2 APC 60 Process are comparable in platelet yield and total amount of released PDGF-AB after 120 h while with Fibrinet the lowest platelet yield and PDGF-AB content of supernatant was achieved. The ability of growth factor release was equal in all four systems.


In conclusion, all four systems for preparation of platelet-rich plasma investigated result in considerable growth factor release. In what extent the total content of PDGF-AB as a consequence of platelet yield has an impact on wound healing has to be further investigated

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