Pathogen-reduced Ebola virus convalescent plasma: first steps towards standardization of manufacturing and quality control including assessment of Ebola-specific neutralizing antibodies

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Ebola virus disease is a public health emergency of international concern, and enormous efforts are being made in the development of vaccines and therapies. Ebola virus convalescent plasma is a promising anti-infective treatment of Ebola virus disease. Therefore, we developed and implemented a pathogen-reduced Ebola virus convalescent plasma concept in accordance with national, European and global regulatory framework.

Materials and Methods

Ebola virus convalescent plasma manufacture and distribution was managed by a collection centre, two medical centres and an expert group from the European Blood Alliance. Ebola virus convalescent plasma was collected twice with an interval of 61 days from a donor recovering from Ebola virus disease in Germany. After pathogen reduction, the plasma was analysed for Ebola virus-specific immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies and its Ebola virus neutralizing activity.


Convalescent plasma could be collected without adverse events. Anti-Ebola virus IgG titres and Ebola-specific neutralizing antibodies in convalescent plasma were only slightly reduced after pathogen reduction treatment with S59 amotosalen/UVA. A patient in Italy with Ebola virus disease was treated with convalescent plasma without apparent adverse effects.


As proof of principle, we describe a concept and practical implementation of pathogen-reduced Ebola virus convalescent plasma manufacture, quality control and its clinical application to an Ebola virus disease patient.

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