Consensus Definition of Nonallergic Rhinopathy, Previously Referred to as Vasomotor Rhinitis, Nonallergic Rhinitis, and/or Idiopathic Rhinitis

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“Nonallergic vasomotor rhinitis” (also referred to as nonallergic rhinitis and/or idiopathic rhinitis) is a term that has been used to describe a common nasal condition of unclear pathophysiology. The lack of straightforward diagnostic criteria is limiting; research for better treatment options requires the definition of homogeneous populations characterized by well-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Following considerable discussion and counterpoints at a roundtable conference convened in December 2008, we proposed to change the terminology to reference this condition as “nonallergic rhinopathy.” Nonallergic rhinopathy is a chronic nasal condition with symptoms that may be perennial, persistent, intermittent, or seasonal and/or elicited by recognized triggers. There is a well-recognized set of clinical exposures that lead to the symptoms, predominantly congestion and rhinorrhea. The clinical characteristics as outlined provide well-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria that should permit precise identification of patients for participation in clinical trials.

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