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There are important functional relationships between river basins and coastal areas and one may influence the other. The two systems are linked through natural processes (water flow, sediment transport, energy) and human activities (urban development, rural activities, technical infrastructures, waste and pollution). Coastal areas are extremely valuable as they concentrate a rich diversity of natural habitat areas and a large variety of natural resources. River basins are also important areas from the point of view of natural ecosystems particularly on the basis of the presence of water and its support for the flora and fauna in the area. Coastal areas and river basin, at the same time provide opportunities for development of a wide range of human activities. The coastal zone is an essential part of a river basin. Both, river basin and coastal problems require a multi-sectoral approach. In some cases the two systems require a common framework of management. The goals, general objectives and principles of integrated river basin and coastal zone management are discussed.

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