Metal Enrichment in Zlatna, a Romanian Copper Smelting Town
Formation and Emission of Chlorinated by-Products from a Bench-Scale Packed-Bed Odor Scrubber
Determination of Toxicity of Spoil Substrates After Brown Coal Mining Using a Laboratory Reproduction Test with Enchytraeus crypticus (Oligochaeta)
Removal of Iron and Manganese from Water with a High Organic Carbon Loading. Part I
Removal of Iron and Manganese from Water with a High Organic Carbon Loading. Part II
An Electronic Nose and Indicator Volatiles for Monitoring of the Composting Process
A Regional Perspective on Present and Future Soil Chemistry at 16 Swedish Forest Sites
Modeling the Temperature Pattern of a Covered Anaerobic Pond with Computational Fluid Dynamics
Distribution of Heavy Metals in Calcareous and Non-Calcareous Soils in Spain
Groundwater Contamination by Landfill Leachates in a Karstic Aquifer
Chemical Investigation of Water Resources Around the Yatagan Thermal Power Plant of Turkey
Willows Beyond Wetlands
Variability of Available Cadmium in Relation to Soil Properties and Landuse in an Arid Region in Central Iran
Land Disposal of Centrate from Biosolids Production
Copper Complexing Capacity of Throughfall and its Environmental Effect
Prediction of Contaminants Migration at Unlined Landfill Sites in an Arid Climate – a Case Study
Comparison of Single and Sequential Extraction Procedures for Assessing Metal Leaching from Dredged Coastal Sediments
Changes in Chemical Species of Copper Added to Brown Forest Soil in Japan
Self-Organized Critical Behavior of Acid Deposition
Socioeconomic Aspects in an Extended Contemporary City
Regional Atmospheric Budgets of Reduced Nitrogen Over the British Isles Assessed Using a Multi-Layer Atmospheric Transport Model
Effects on Motile Factors and Cell Growth of Euglena gracilis After Exposure to Wood Ash Solution; Assessment of Toxicity, Nutrient Availability and pH-Dependency
Amino Acids, Total Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen in Forest Floor Soil Solution at Low and High Nitrogen Input
Ecological Risk Assessment for the Recent Case of DDT Pollution in Lake Maggiore (Northern Italy)
Effect of Groundwater Inorganics on the Reductive Dechlorination of TCE by Zero-Valent Iron