Current Problems of Stochastic Hydrology
Paleohydrology of the Black Sea Pleistocene Basins
The Structure of Flows in the Ivan'kovo Reservoir
The Coefficient of Friction in Channel Flows
The Peculiarities of Hydrological Processes in Mountain Reservoirs
Convection Regime of the Development of an Impulse–Buoyant Transient Jet Submerged in a Homogeneous Fluid
Correction of Curvilinear Grids for Numerical Solution of Groundwater Flow Problems
Hydrodynamic Effects in the Adsorption of Organic Pollutants from Water
Sulfuric Compounds in the Surface Layer of Bottom Deposits in the Mouth Reach of the Northern Dvina River
Water Quality Estimation in the Kotorosl' River Basin Based on Zoobenthos Composition
Microbiological Characterization of the Ivan'kovo Reservoir Water
Trends in Water Supply and Water Conservation in Russia
Experimental Studying Hg Sorption on Mineral Suspensions in the Zone of Sea and River Water Mixing
Trustworthily and Intelligibly about Water Problems
A Timely Book1
Eightieth Anniversary of Artur B. Avakyan
To the 75th Birthday of Oleg Fedorovich Vasil'ev