Variations in the Caspian Sea Level in the Historic Epoch
Hydrogeological Conditions of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Crimea
Interaction between Surface and Subsurface Waters
Application of Principles of the Theory of Information in Management of Reservoirs and Water Resource Systems1
Methods and Results of Numerical Modeling of Reactive Solute Transport in River Flow
Microbiological Processes in the Gor'kovskoe Reservoir
Hydrochemical and Microbiological Features of Lake Mogil'noe
Experimental Study and Mathematical Modeling of Hg and Cu Transformations in the Water–Bottom Sediment System
Pollutant Migration in Water Bodies in Mining Regions (Based on Data on Apatite Deposits)
Environmental Effects of the Bottom Sediments of the Senezh Reservoir
Human-induced Changes in the Groundwater Chemical Composition within an Oil Field Area
The Effect of the Hydrological Regime in the Rybinsk Reservoir on the Distribution and Dynamics of Benthic Cyclops
Wind-induced Currents in Seas
Comprehensive Review of Environmental and Hydrogeological Studies in the Netherlands1
An Interesting and Useful Book1
Igor' Petrovich Druzhinin (1929–2000)