Numerical Modeling of Wind-Induced Flows in Stratified Water Bodies
Experimental Study of the Effect of Turbulence on the Solid Phase of Suspension
Spreading of Stratified Currents in Lowland Reservoirs
Failures of Waterworks Facilities and Their Consequences
Characteristics of Turbulence and Mass Exchange in a Flow Carrying Suspended Material
Basic Principles of the Hydraulic Theory of Formation and Development of River Channel Mesoforms
Intricately Braided River Channels of Lowland Rivers
Quarry Reclamation in Submountain Rivers
Sediment Suspension by Irregular Waves above a Wavy Bed
Distribution of Suspended Sediment Particles in a Steady-State Flow
Long-Term Water Level Variations in the Kiliya Branch of the Danube Delta
Wind-induced Variations in Water Level in River Mouths
Sediment Balance in the Danube River Mouth
Wind Soliton in an Annular Wind-Water Tunnel
The Effect of Water Dynamics on the Hydrochemical Structure in the Northeastern Black Sea
Modeling the Development of Ice Phenomena in Rivers as Applied to the Assessment of Probable Changes in Ice Conditions at Various Scenarios of the Future Climate
Model of Formation and Development of Spring Thermal Bar
Interaction between Streams and Lower Surfaces of Ice Cover
Field Observations and Numerical Experiments on the Dynamics of Ice-covered Streams
A Linear Dynamic Model for Calculating the Transverse Oscillation of Free-Floating Ice Cover
The Dynamics of Spring Ice Drifts and Jams in the Northern Dvina and Pechora Mouths
Formation of Frazil Ice and Ice Jams on the Rivers of the Yenisei River Basin
Daniil Yakovlevich Ratkovich (75th Anniversary)