Hydrological Regime and Morphodynamics of the Yangtze River Mouth Area
Analysis of Delta Dynamics Based on Space Images
Elements of Water Balance and Hydrochemical Characteristic of Oligotrophic Bogs in the Southern Taiga Subzone of Western Siberia
On the Cycle of Natural Waters
Spatial Models of Overland Runoff Formation
Assessing the Rate of Dissolved Oxygen Consumption in the Epilimnion of a Stratified Water Body
Temperature Decrease in the Surface Water Layer of a Reservoir as an Example of Environmental Thermal Pollution
Peculiarities of Heavy Metals Accumulation in the Bottom Sediments and Higher Aquatic Plants of the Ivan'kovo Reservoir
Concentrations of Heavy Metals in the Upper Volga Bottom Deposits
Toxicity and Accumulation of Al in the Acid Water of Small Lakes and Watercourses in Finnish Lapland
The Effect of Zooplankton on Microalgae Blooming and Water Eutrophication
Biochemical Study of Brackish-Water Marine Ecosystems
Natural Water Quality Formation in Forest-Covered Divide Areas in Northern Taiga
Effect of Chemical Ameliorants on the Chemistry of Surface Water Used for Irrigation
Marker Indices for Assessing the Conditions of Water Bodies under Moderate Anthropogenic Impact
Experimental Study of the Distribution Function of Water Residence Time in Disinfection Plants