Analysis of Long-Term Variations in the Volga Annual Runoff
Hydrological Regime of the Nile Delta and Dynamics of Its Coastline
Formation of High-Alkali Groundwater in Upper Aquifers
The Oxygen Cycle in Lake Baikal
Wind-Induced Water Level Rises
Mathematical Modeling of Spring Flood Passing through the Urban Reach of the Moskva River
Flow Structure near an Island in a Shallow Strait
Side Bars in River Channels
Mathematical Modeling of Organogenic Material Biotransformation Processes for Studying the Conditions of Water Eutrophication in the Caspian Sea Surface Layer
Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Upper Volga Reservoirs in the Low-Water Season of 1997
Long-Term Dynamics of Phytoplankton in the Mozhaisk Reservoir and Its Production–Destruction Processes under Anthropogenic Effect
Background Factors of Global Climate Warming in the Coastal Zone of the Black Sea
On the Hypotheses Regarding the Causes of Channel Formation
Distribution of Averaged Local Velocities in an Open Turbulent Flow
Estimating the Anthropogenic Impact on Water Bodies Using a Simulation Mathematical Model of Phosphorus System
International Symposium “Ecotechnology in Environmental Protection and Fresh Lakes Management”