Long-Term Water Level Variations in the Eastern Sea of Azov and in the Mouth Reach of the Don River
Analysis of Changes in the Aral Sea Coastal Zone in 1975–1999
Using Natural Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes for Studying the Conditions of Ground Ice Formation
Formation and Age of Brines in Solikamsk Depression
Brine Formation in the Mezen Syneclise
Stratification of Silts in a Reservoir (An Attempt to Analyze Stochastic Structures)
A Procedure for Calculating Extreme Characteristics of the Northern Caspian Sea Level
Numerical Modeling of Flow Kinematics in a Segment of Inerodable Channel
Channel Processes and Factors Governing Them
Nutrient Input into the Caspian Sea with River Runoff
Diurnal Variations in the Hydrochemical Indices in Amur Bay
Studying the Correlation between the Vegetable Pigments Content of Bottom Deposits and the Trophic Status Indices of the Gor'kovskoe Reservoir
Luminescent Spectroscopy in Determining Oil Product Accumulation in Epishura and Bioassaying of Pollution
The Effect of Fatty Acid Diffusion in Leachate on the Propagation of Concentration Waves in the Process of Municipal Solid Waste Decomposition
Groundwater of the East of Russia
Sixtieth Birthday of Vladimir Kirillovich Debol'skii